Water Foley sound effects library

Water In Motion

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Water Foley sound effect library

If you need water foley sound effects in your production, this one is for you!

Human interacting with water

On typical water sound libraries, a lot of efforts are made to eradicate any human presence in the recording - leaving only the water beautifully interacting with natural elements. But this is not what we've done for Water In Motion. We've actually done the opposite! This library is about interacting with water, playing and having fun with it. This makes this library perfect for any wet foley situation. And with 173 files for over a gig of content, you'll have plenty of quality water to create your next big splash.

Go! Dive in!

What's recorded:

  • Dive bombs and all size of splashes
  • Swimming hands and feet flapping
  • Water movement and sloshing
  • Boiling Water, Water through plumbing
  • Tap water, shower and toilet flush
  • Burst of bubbles using all kind of props
  • Water Dripping
  • Drinking, sipping, swallowing
  • See the complete listing bellow...


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What you get:

Files 173
Size 1,07 Gb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit Stereo

Complete file listing

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Audio Preview 

Use cases scenarios

  • Poolside scenes
  • Wet foley
  • Playing and splashing with water
  • Objects moving through water
  • Fishing scenes
  • Objects dropped in water
  • Bathing and toileting
All of the included sounds were recorded in pristine
24 bits / 96 kHz and support to be pitched down very well.

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