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We've been working very hard to bring you our Glitch series of sound effects to a brand new Kontakt Instrument. So here we are, all these insane glitches are now ready to be played from one single and powerful interface! Warning! Inspiration storm ahead!


Glitch it up!

Glitch is a powerful Kontakt instrument that brings a huge collection of expertly designed glitches at your fingertips. It'll turn into a true inspiration source for any electronic music composer, while becoming sound editors secret weapon for trailers and teasers. Game sound designers will use it to create slick UI sounds or unexpected alien malfunction. Glitch is a superb sound design tool that can be used in countless situtation.

Variable range randomizer

At the core of this Kontakt instrument is a variable range randomizer, specially designed from the ground up for the adventurers. The more it's punished, the more unstable and unpredictable your pitch, bit crusher, distortion and filter will get. Push it to the limit and this is when the real magic start to operate. Even the banks will start to get randomized. If you've never seen a Kontakt instrument go nuts... That's something to hear! And see... ;)

This Bundle contains:

Glitch Digital

This Digital Glitch sound library is making computers go haywire around the world, with a focus on super-fast transitional corrupted data, hacking, forced entry, bugs, malfunctions, and crackles. Highly useful in a multitude of hi tech game and film sound scenarios, and in state of the art electronic music creation.

Glitch Heavy

This Heavy Glitch sound library brings the heat to the digital world. Heavy, assaulting, data-bending corruption is what this spectacular collection offers - not for the faint of ear. Highly useful in a multitude of hi tech game and film sound scenarios, and in leading-edge electronic music creation.

Rapid Modulation

The designers of this library have found something truly remarkable here, and to listen to it in the preview is the only way it can be understood. Enjoy! Highly useful in a multitude of hi tech game and film sound scenarios, and in forward thinking electronic music creation.


Squelchy Glitch represents the strangest of the lot, with absolutely bizarre, squelching, data bending sounds. Akin to an insanity check for computers - go forth and blow your listeners away. Highly useful in a multitude of hi tech game and film sound scenarios, and in avant-garde electronic music creation.


Percussive Glitch was made with electronic music producers in mind. These sounds will add originalty and a ton of energy to make any beat stand out from the crowd. Use them to add a little je ne sais quoi to your beat or go crazy and create a mayem of unidentified beat object!


Files 480 Stereo Samples
Size 256 mb
Documentation Access to source files with embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit

Ideal for Sound Designers and Composers alike

480 samples in 5 different banks

Direct access to Bit crusher, Crunch, Filter and Pitch

Unique variable range randomizer

Fun and rewarding to use

The Kontakt instrument requires the FULL version of Kontakt, version 5.4.3 and higher.

Read our Kontakt Instrument knowledge base for further details.


Kontakt Knowledge Base

Stand Alone Wav Files

While you need the full version of Kontakt to use the included instrument, you only need your imagination to use the included wav files. Like any of our other libraries, the audio files can be dropped straight in your project or indexed in popular search engines thanks to their embedded metadata.

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