Forest Sound Effect Library

The Forest

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Forest Sound Effects Library

Bring any forest scene to life with these archetypal recordings from The Forest. Our forest ambiences were recorded from over 20 locations under varying weather conditions. Included are 100+ random elements to give your setting the character and ever-changing authenticity it needs.

Choose any of the forest recordings we’ve captured, then combine with over 100 unique random forest sounds grouped in 7 different categories: creaks, leaves, branches, scrapes, snaps, subtle movements, and thunks. The result is a densely rich, genuine backdrop that is ever-changing and full of authenticity.

Also included are wide stereo field versions, for free.



Technical Details


Size 387 mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format 1 WAV 48khz, 16 bit 
Format 2 MP3 320 kbps


Filename Duration
Ambience Camp Fire.wav 1:47
Ambience Forest Birds 01.wav 1:12
Ambience Forest Birds 02.wav 1:00
Ambience Forest Campground Evening.wav 2:15
Ambience Forest Campground Night.wav 1:30
Ambience Forest Wind Birds Insects Less Presence.wav 1:41
Ambience Forest Wind Birds Insects.wav 1:41
Ambience Forest Wind Cold Hollow 01.wav 0:18
Ambience Forest Wind Cold Hollow 02.wav 0:53
Ambience Forest Wind Gusts Birds 01.wav 0:28
Ambience Forest Wind Gusts Birds 02.wav 1:13
Ambience Forest Wind Insects Evening 01.wav 0:34
Ambience Forest Wind Insects Evening 02.wav 1:41
Ambience Forest Wind Lake 01.wav 1:05
Ambience Forest Wind Lake 02.wav 0:49
Ambience Forest Wind Leaves Rustling.wav 0:25
Ambience Forest Wind Occasional Birds.wav 1:16
Ambience Forest Wind Presence Insects Evening.wav 1:41
Ambience Forest Wind Steady Distant Trees 01.wav 0:30
Ambience Forest Wind Steady Distant Trees 02.wav 0:35
Ambience Forest Wind Steady Insects Less Presence.wav 1:35
Ambience Forest Wind Steady Insects.wav 1:35
Ambience Forest Wind Steady Trees Birch.WAV 0:29
Ambience Insects Crickets Night.wav 0:26
Ambience Insects Moths Light.wav 0:49
Ambience Trees Lake Lapping 01.wav 1:05
Ambience Trees Lake Lapping 02.wav 0:52
Ambience Trees Lake Lapping 03.wav 0:31
Forest RFX Branch 01.wav 0:03
Forest RFX Branch 02.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 03.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 04.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 05.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 06.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 07.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 08.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 09.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 10.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 11.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 12.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 13.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 14.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 15.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 16.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 17.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 18.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 19.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 20.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 21.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 22.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Branch 23.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Branch 24.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Creak 01.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Creak 02.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Creak 03.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Creak 04.wav 0:03
Forest RFX Creak 05.wav 0:03
Forest RFX Creak 06.wav 0:03
Forest RFX Movement 01.wav 0:03
Forest RFX Movement 02.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 03.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 04.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 05.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 06.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 07.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 08.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 09.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 10.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 11.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 12.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 13.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 14.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 15.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 16.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 17.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 18.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 19.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 20.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 21.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 22.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Movement 23.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Movement 24.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Scrape 01.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Scrape 02.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Scrape 03.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Scrape 04.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 01.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Snap 02.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 03.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 04.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 05.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 06.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 07.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 08.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 09.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 10.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 11.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 12.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 13.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Snap 14.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 15.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 16.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 17.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 18.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Snap 19.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Snap 20.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Subtle 01.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Subtle 02.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Subtle 03.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Subtle 04.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Subtle 05.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Subtle 06.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Subtle 07.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Subtle 08.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Subtle 09.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Subtle 10.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Subtle 11.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Subtle 12.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Thunk 01.wav 0:03
Forest RFX Thunk 02.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 03.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 04.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 05.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 06.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 07.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 08.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 09.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 10.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 11.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 12.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Thunk 13.wav 0:01
Forest RFX Thunk 14.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Thunk 15.wav 0:02
Forest RFX Thunk 16.wav 0:01


***Audio in the video below is layered with pool hall ambience - all sounds are noise-free isolated in the sound packs***


Not easy to find an all-encompassing, affordable yet pro Urban Rain sound library? Billiards, right here, has all the sounds you need to create the perfect Rain, Sewer or Thunderous scene. Mastered for games, film, and television. Carefully captured with pro equipment in an isolated silent environment, each mastered sound has descriptive naming and metadata.

Urbain Rain Contains...

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Files 69 Stereo
Size 77mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit