Water in Nature Sound Effect Library

Water in Nature

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Water in Nature Sound Effects Library

An all-in-one solution. This sound library is a set of recordings that encompass water in nature in all of it's moving forms. Captured in ideal settings by our audio recordists over the span of four years, this pack provides a wide selection of water in all its moving forms in the natural world.

  • Rain + Thunderstorms
  • Lakes + Rivers, Creeks + Streams
  • Ocean Surf + Waterfalls
  • Rock Splashes, Footsteps, Wading + Various Sloshing


What you get

Files 65
Size 572 mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 48khz, 16 bit 


Filename Duration
Ambience Distant Heavy River.wav 0:44
Ambience Trees Stong Wind Lake Lapping 01.wav 0:36
Ambience Trees Wind Lake Lapping 01.wav 1:05
Ambience Trees Wind Lake Lapping 02.wav 0:31
Creek 01.WAV 0:20
Creek 02.WAV 0:19
Creek 03.WAV 0:13
Creek 04.WAV 0:15
Creek 05.WAV 0:46
Creek 06.wav 0:19
Lake Heavy Waves 01.wav 0:38
Lake Light Waves 01.wav 0:20
Lake Light Waves 02.wav 0:21
Lake Light Waves 03.WAV 0:45
Lake Medium Waves 01.wav 1:14
Ocean Storm Rain on Umbrella.wav 0:30
Ocean Storm Tarp Blowing Beach.wav 0:49
Ocean Surf Distant Windy.wav 0:17
Ocean Surf Distant with Insects.wav 0:57
Ocean Waves and Insects Close with Distant Surf.wav 0:51
Rain Distant Traffic.WAV 1:06
Rain Drips Porch 01.wav 0:25
Rain Outdoors Thunder 01.wav 3:09
Rain Outdoors Thunder 02.wav 1:31
Rain Outdoors Thunder 03.wav 1:02
Rain Outdoors Thunder 04.wav 0:26
Rain Outdoors Thunder 05.wav 1:59
Rain Outdoors Thunder 06.wav 1:58
Rain Outdoors Thunder 07.wav 4:36
Rain Outdoors Thunder 08.wav 2:29
Rain Outdoors Thunder 09.wav 1:17
Rain Outdoors Vegetation 01.wav 0:18
Rain Outdoors Vegetation 02.wav 0:21
Rain Outdoors Vegetation 03.wav 0:15
Rain Outdoors Vegetation 04.wav 0:55
Rain Outdoors Vegetation 05.wav 0:19
River Rushing Waterfall 01.wav 0:20
River Rushing Waterfall 02.wav 0:23
River Rushing Waterfall 03.wav 0:23
River Rushing Waterfall 04.wav 0:55
River Rushing Waterfall 05.wav 0:12
River Rushing Waterfall 06.wav 0:08
Water Bucket Hose 01.wav 0:25
Water Dripping Lake 01.wav 0:02
Water Lapping Lake 01.wav 0:33
Water Lapping Lake 02.wav 1:02
Water Lapping Lake 03.wav 0:20
Water Lapping Lake 04.wav 1:05
Water Lapping Lake 05.wav 0:17
Water Lapping Lake 06.wav 0:19
Water Sloshing Movement 01.wav 1:06
Water Sloshing Movement 02.wav 0:22
Water Sloshing Movement 03.wav 0:33
Water Sloshing Movement 04.wav 0:23
Water Splashes Large Rock 01.wav 0:40
Water Splashes Medium Rock 01.wav 0:10
Waterfall Large Distant 01.wav 0:41
Waterfall Large Rapids Close 01.wav 0:25
Waterfall Medium River Constant 01.wav 0:30
Waterfall Medium River Constant 02.wav 0:41
Waterfall Small Close.WAV 0:23
Waterfall Small Distant Larger Falls 01.wav 0:27
Waterfall Small Distant Larger Falls 02.wav 1:01
Waterfall Small Distant Larger Falls 03.wav 0:59