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Epic Wind Sound Effects

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Files 35 Stereo
Size 3,55 Gb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata, UCS compliant
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 


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1WIND_Heavy Snowstorm with Snow Falling_SPAudio_Wind.wav06:17.0
2WIND_Heavy Steady Wind some Howling 02_SPAudio_Wind.wav01:21.0
3WIND_Heavy Wind some Gusts_SPAudio_Wind.wav00:50.0
4WIND_Hollow Wind Exteriror Some Debris_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:35.0
5WIND_Polar Wind with Freezing Ice_SPAudio_Wind.wav04:05.0
6WIND_Powerful Wind with Some Debris Flying Around 01_SPAudio_Wind.wav03:26.0
7WIND_Powerful Wind with Some Debris Flying Around 02_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:28.0
8WIND_Snowstorm with Snow Falling_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:18.0
9WIND_Strong Wind Under Pine Tree_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:42.0
10WIND_Very Strong Wind Under Pine Tree_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:38.0
11WIND_Whistling Wind some Low Bursts_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:22.0
12WIND_Wind Gusting through Wire Fence_SPAudio_Wind.wav03:05.0
13WIND_Wind Intensify Before Storm_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:08.0
14WINDDsgn_Steady Wind Low Rumble Designed_SPAudio_Wind.wav01:19.0
15WINDDsgn_Wind Howling Through Window Designed_SPAudio_Wind.wav03:13.0
16WINDInt_Strong Wind from Attic Interior Some Debris 01_SPAudio_Wind.wav01:18.0
17WINDInt_Strong Wind from Attic Interior Some Debris 02_SPAudio_Wind.wav04:13.0
18WINDInt_Wind From Car Interior Window Small Opening Some Rain_SPAudio_Wind.wav04:54.0
19WINDInt_Wind Howling Through Window 01_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:49.0
20WINDInt_Wind Howling Through Window 02_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:55.0
21WINDInt_Wind Storm from Garage Interior Rumble_SPAudio_Wind.wav05:05.0
22WINDInt_Wind Storm from Shed Interior with Rain_SPAudio_Wind.wav04:40.0
23WINDInt_Wind Storm from Shed Interior_SPAudio_Wind.wav04:58.0
24WINDVege_Gusty Wind in Backyard Some Dead Leaves Fall 01_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:37.0
25WINDVege_Heavy Wind Through Foliage_SPAudio_Wind.wav00:51.0
26WINDVege_Steady Wind through Dead Leaves Fall 01_SPAudio_Wind.wav04:22.0
27WINDVege_Steady Wind through Dead Leaves Fall 02_SPAudio_Wind.wav03:51.0
28WINDVege_Wind in Trees Summer 01_SPAudio_Wind.wav01:49.0
29WINDVege_Wind in Trees Summer 02_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:17.0
30WINDVege_Wind in Trees Summer 03_SPAudio_Wind.wav01:56.0
31WINDVege_Wind in Trees Summer 04_SPAudio_Wind.wav03:01.0
32WINDVege_Wind in Trees Summer 05_SPAudio_Wind.wav01:47.0
33WINDVege_Wind through Bush Summer_SPAudio_Wind.wav02:58.0
34WINDVege_Wind through Bush Winter_SPAudio_Wind.wav04:16.0
35WINDVege_Wind through Long Grass Summer_SPAudio_Wind.wav01:45.0

Beautifully Recorded Wind Sound Effects

Using the following technique we have removed that pesky comb filtering from our wind recordings, which as many of you know is a major irritant when recording wind.
First of course when recording wind one needs a wind screen (we used our Rode Blimp). We put 2 Uzi Pro mics (highly recommend, these!) in a spaced pair or A/B configuration. However we found that the stereo separation was not enough and we were still getting a comb effect. We realized that this is because the size and shape of the Blimp is not quite long enough. So we built a custom Jenklin Disc, which creates a full separation of stereo mic recording much like our own head separating our two ears. We put this custom-built Jenklin Disc inside our now slightly hacked Rode Blimp, and the resulting recording was an incredibly natural sounding wind.
Over half a year of recording locations using this technique, we bring you what we confidently call one of the best Wind SFX libraries out there.

Wind Sound Effects Uses & Tips - Audio Volume or Gain

Wind sound effects are incredibly versatile in that simply lowering the volume of wind blowing can create the feel of a less intense wind. Boosting up the volume of the audio file will naturally give a higher intensity wind, useful for storms, hurricanes etc. With a bit of audio compression the airflow intensity can be further perceived as even stronger wind, especially in the bass end of the spectrum. If in a video game production, use multiple audio files to form a sliding value system (the Audiokinetic Wwise example is an RTPC) to attach wind intensity to ingame parameters. Film audio will benefit from multitracking layers of the wind samples at varying volumes and intensities to create a perfect storm.

Wind sound effects blown away by quality of this SFX Library. Howling wind, Tundra wind, Artic Wind, Cave Wind and more.

Prepare To Be Blown Away

Like many of you, we found ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of different wind SFX libraries out there, yet somehow always a bit underwhelmed. At Silverplatter Audio we set out to change that. We wanted to create the ultimate wind library that we would actually want to use ourselves, and hopefully you'll feel the same way!

Wind Sound Effects Uses & Tips - Pitch Changes and Filters

Changing the pitch of wind samples can give a huge variety of material from one wind SFX sample, if of course the source is recorded at 24 bit 96khz. Higher sampling rates are great for keeping the audio quality and detail as the wind sounds are changed in pitch. The 24 bit recordings ensure low noise floor, but also provide more accuracy when adding effects to the audio source material. Changing the pitch on a howling wind sample will make the sound more piercing when pitched up, and more hollow and darker when pitched down. Additionally, the wind sound effects can sound more muffled and subdued when applying LPF (Low Pass Filters), or conversely can feel lighter and more airy when cutting out the low end frequencies (High Pass Filters or HPF). These are just a few of the techniques you can use to get even more out of this detailed and rich wind sfx library!

Universal Category System

This library uses the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention for sound file names and metadata, a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

Univeral Category System is used on some sound effect libraries at silverplatter audio


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Wind sound effect library. Recorded wind storms, windy weather, blowing wind, wind through trees and more.

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