High Quality Sound Libraries for Professionals

Our sound designers have worked with


Highly Professional.  AAAAA+ I think other Marketplaces could learn a few things from your company. 

David Koraca, COO/Director at GENA8 Studios

The Paranormal sound library is seriously creepy - Wow.

Francis Brus, Award Winning Lead Sound Designer for Outlast 2

The ice libraries are very impressive and super detailed. Good job!

Frederic Poirier, Audio Director for Dead by Daylight

Your libraries are amazing!

Sergei Tskhe, Project Manager, Lead Sound Designer for Principle Sound Design

Thanks for all the awesome SFX

Paul Schreve, Supervising Sound Editor

Our mission

Using our vast experience with recording and mastering game audio, sound for film, and music production, we create and bring to sound designers around the world professional high quality sound effects libraries. We also focus on usability, convenience, and affordability for seamless integration of audio into games, film, TV, web, and more.