About Us

Who we are

We are a group of veteran sound designers, enthusiastic about our craft, who want to offer useful and relevant information to other sound designers, as well as offer convenient, professional sound libraries at a great price.

Who our designers have worked with:

Marvel. Behaviour. Warner Brothers. Square Enix. Eidos.

Why SilverPlatter Audio?

We offer all our high quality audio packs tagged with descriptive metadata that makes it easy to find and integrate into your project. We are also here to share out experiences in the trenches, and to hopefully help you get your project on the shelves so to speak. Thanks for checking us out, and we hope you enjoy browsing the audio.

Why we’re here.

We are focused on helping make the transition from high quality audio to the audience as easily and with the most pleasing results as possible. Great sound begins with great recordings, and creativity blooms with a diverse and deep sound pallet to work with. 

What you can expect from SilverPlatter Audio products

Literally each sound we put out is placed through a curation process based on simply this: Would we, in our many years of experience in the field, be excited about the packs that we offer?  The answer to that has to be yes, otherwise the product will not get published.

Does SilverPlatter Audio do contract or freelance work?

Yes we do. Please contact us directly at info@silverplatteraudio.com

Does SilverPlatter Audio accept submissions for sale on our platform?

Yes we do.  Please see our FAQ pages to answer questions about submissions, or contact us directly by emailing info@silverplatteraudio.com