Chopping Trees and Wood Sound Effect Library

Chopping Trees Sound Effects

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Chopping Trees and Wood Sound Effect Library

An iconic sound done right is one of the most powerful tools in sound design. Here is a sound library collection of 44 crisp, sharp super clean recordings of various wood being chopped by different axes.

Varying perspectives are also taken, as well as some audio files with the debris of wood chips falling onto the forest floor. The presence and detail of the recording bring you right into the scene and convey exactly what you need conveyed, ready to go.

Each file has been meticulously recorded, edited, individually mastered, and embedded with descriptive metadata to fulfill the quality needs of any project.



What you get

Files 44
Size 18 mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 48khz, 16 bit 


Sound Library Info (scroll inside the box - more metadata in purchased version)