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Audio Explorer: Paris

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Files 32 Stereo, 1 hour 39 mins of audio
Size 3,45 Gb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata, UCS compliant
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 


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1AMBMrkt_Paris Art Maket 01_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:18.8
2AMBMrkt_Paris Art Maket 02_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:47.1
3AMBMrkt_Paris Food Market_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:17.8
4AMBPark_Paris Jardin des Plantes Afternoon 01_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:00.9
5AMBPark_Paris Jardin des Plantes Afternoon 02_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav01:47.0
6AMBPark_Paris Park Jardin du Luxembourg_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:20.3
7AMBPark_Paris Park Jardins de la Tour Eiffel_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:06.0
8AMBPubl_Paris Louvre Entrance Under the Pyramid 01_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:38.6
9AMBPubl_Paris Louvre Entrance Under the Pyramid 02_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav01:43.5
10AMBPubl_Paris Louvre Exposition Room Large_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:36.5
11AMBPubl_Paris Louvre Exposition Room Medium_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:58.2
12AMBPubl_Paris Louvre Exposition Room Small_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:03.9
13AMBPubl_Paris Louvre Exterior Public Place_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:51.8
14AMBPubl_Paris Louvre Inner Courtyard Pyramid_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav04:29.5
15AMBPubl_Paris Public Place de la Sorbonne_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:38.6
16AMBPubl_Paris Public Place St-Sulpice_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:01.1
17AMBRest_Paris Bar Terrasse Night Blvd Montparnasse 01_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav04:36.5
18AMBRest_Paris Bar Terrasse Night Blvd Montparnasse 02_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:36.8
19AMBRest_Paris Bistro Terrasse 7th Arrondissement_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:59.6
20AMBRest_Paris Busy Bistro Evening Cutlery_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:53.8
21AMBRest_Paris Cafe Terrasse St-Sulpice Church Exterior Bells_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav04:07.6
22AMBRlgn_Paris St-Sulpice Church Exterior Organ_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav04:09.3
23AMBTran_Paris Gare de Lyon Busy_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:58.6
24AMBUrbn_Paris 6eme quiet street 01_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav04:01.5
25AMBUrbn_Paris 6eme quiet street 02_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav01:05.1
26AMBUrbn_Paris Avenue Port Royal Early Morning_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav04:21.3
27AMBUrbn_Paris Medicis Street Morning Joggers_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav02:24.7
28AMBUrbn_Paris Moufetard Street_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:18.9
29AMBUrbn_Paris Quiet Back Alley Morning_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:18.3
30AMBUrbn_Paris Quiet Street Late Evening_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav03:23.5
31AMBUrbn_Paris Quiet Street Night_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav04:52.8
32MOVEPres_Paris St-Sulpice Church Mass_SPAudio_ExploParis.wav00:49.2

Ah Paris! Une ville si romantique!

Introducing "Audio Explorer: Paris" - an immersive sound library that invites you to embark on a sonic journey through the enchanting streets and iconic landmarks of the City of Light. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Parisian life with a curated collection of high-quality recordings capturing the essence of this vibrant metropolis.

From the majestic Eiffel Tower to the bustling Mouffetard street, the historic St-Sulpice Church to the tranquil Luxembourg Garden, the timeless Louvre to the charming restaurants, terraces, and bistros that line the city's avenues, "Audio Explorer: Paris" offers an extensive range of authentic soundscapes that transport you to the heart of the French capital.

As a Silverplatter Audio library, "Audio Explorer: Paris" is characterized by its meticulous focus on detail. Every recording is thoughtfully labeled and categorized, simplifying the process of locating the ideal soundscape for your particular scene or project. Whether you're in search of the ambiance found in a charming Parisian café, the resonating echo of footsteps on cobblestone streets, or the subtle hum of distant conversations, this library presents a wide variety of choices to elevate your audio creations.

With "Audio Explorer: Paris," you can easily transport your audience to the enchanting world of Paris, where every corner exudes history, culture, and charm. Elevate the emotional impact of your projects by integrating the rich and evocative sounds of Parisian life, transforming your audio creations into immersive experiences that resonate with your audience.

Café Chatter. Market Bustle. Enchanting Streets. The Louvre... and more. Immerse your projects in the authenticity of Parisian life.
Universal Category System

This library uses the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention for sound file names and metadata, a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

Univeral Category System is used on some sound effect libraries at silverplatter audio


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