Cartoon Sound Effects Library

Cartoon Essentials Vol. 1

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Cartoon Sound Effects Library

Your current cartoon library sounds a little pixelated? Here is the equivalent of 4K image audio in that time-honored cartoon style!

This chuckle-worthy Cartoon Essentials sound effects library features all of the essential cartoon sounds, recreated with reverence to that classic old-school attitude.

No matter if you’re after a pewww, zap, splash, ding, swoosh, frrrr, crack, burb, poing, poof, bzzz, pop or wheee… This timeless collection will deliver, again and again, in superb high resolution.



What you get

 Files 199 Files
Size 450 Mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata for Soundminer, Basehead, Nuendo, etc. 
Format WAV 96 kHz, 24 bit


Sound Library Info (scroll inside the box - more metadata in purchased version)