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Standup Comedy Laughter Sound Effects

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Files 61 Stereo
Size 206 mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata, UCS compliant
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 


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1CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 01_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.6
2CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 02_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:03.9
3CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 03_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:03.5
4CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 04_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:02.9
5CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 05_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:02.4
6CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 06_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:03.2
7CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 07_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.8
8CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 08_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.9
9CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 10_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:03.9
10CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 11_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.6
11CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 12_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.5
12CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 13_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.1
13CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 14_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:09.0
14CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 15_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.5
15CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 16_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.1
16CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 17_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.6
17CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 18_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.8
18CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 19_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.7
19CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 20_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.2
20CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 21_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.8
21CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 22_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.2
22CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter 23_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.6
23CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Clapping 01_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.4
24CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Clapping 02_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.2
25CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Clapping 03_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.0
26CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Clapping Cheering 01_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:08.5
27CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Disappointed 01_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.6
28CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Disappointed 02_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.4
29CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Disappointed 03_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.7
30CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Disappointed 04_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.3
31CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Disappointed 05_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.6
32CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Disappointed 06_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.2
33CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Disappointed 07_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:03.3
34CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Feel Bad_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:07.8
35CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Hesitant_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:12.3
36CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 01_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.1
37CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 02_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.4
38CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 03_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.9
39CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 04_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:09.2
40CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 05_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:07.7
41CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 06_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:08.4
42CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 07_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:07.9
43CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 08_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.6
44CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 09_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:11.2
45CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 10_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.3
46CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 11_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:02.7
47CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 12_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.2
48CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 13_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.8
49CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 14_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:07.3
50CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 15_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:08.7
51CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 16_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.4
52CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 17_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:02.3
53CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 18_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:06.9
54CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Laughter Sparse Claps 19_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:04.8
55CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Small Laughter 01_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:03.6
56CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Small Laughter 02_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:02.3
57CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Small Laughter 03_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:03.8
58CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Small Laughter 04_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.3
59CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Small Laughter 05_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.1
60CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Small Laughter 06_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:05.4
61CRWDLaff_Standup Comedy Club Small Laughter 07_SPAudio_SCLaughter.wav00:08.9

A Variety of Audience Laughter Reactions

Standup Comedy Laughter vocal SFX sound library brings you genuine and infectious laughter and audience reactions. Designed specifically for sound designers, film, and video professionals, this collection offers a wide range of laughter recorded at a real comedy club, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience for your audience.

With over 60 high-quality laughter recordings, this sound library provides an extensive selection of laughter styles and intensities. From hearty belly laughs to subtle chuckles, you'll find the perfect laughs to enhance the comedic moments in your projects. Each laugh was meticulously captured to capture the energy and atmosphere of a live comedy performance, allowing you to bring the genuine essence of a comedy club to your audio productions.

The versatility of this sound library is one of its key features. The laughs can be seamlessly integrated into various mediums, including films, TV shows, advertisements, video games, and more. By infusing the laughter of a real comedy club into their performances, they can create a more engaging and immersive experience for their audience.

As with all our sound libraries, "Standup Comedy Laughter" offers high-quality audio recordings that have been professionally captured and mastered. Each laugh is presented in a clean, isolated format, free from background noise or distractions, allowing for easy integration into your projects without the need for extensive editing or clean-up.

Don't miss out on this essential tool for your comedic audio needs. Elevate the humour in your projects and captivate your audience with the infectious laughter found in "Standup Comedy Laughter." Get ready to add authenticity and hilarity to your next comedic endeavour... after all, laughter is the best medicine!

Standup Comedy Club Laughter sound effect by Silverplatter Audio

working on a sitcom or a comedy movie?

Standup Comedy Laughter has you covered. The laughs in this library are carefully categorized and labeled, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your specific scene or comedic situation. By incorporating these authentic laughter recordings, you'll create an instant connection with your audience, eliciting genuine amusement and enhancing the comedic impact of your content.
Universal Category System

This library uses the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention for sound file names and metadata, a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

Univeral Category System is used on some sound effect libraries at silverplatter audio


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