Fire Sound Effects

Fire Sound Effects

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Burning hot fire sound effects

A carefully curated pack to give you coverage of anything from conveying a raging inferno to bringing your audience around a quiet campfire.


The difficulty with getting fire sounds this good is not melting the microphone. This scorching hot sound library delivers fire with incredible detail rarely heard before. Pro tip - A small amount of compression will make these rage!

Meticulously recorded by veteran sound designers in ultra-quiet environments with professional equipment, these captures offer incredible depth, frequency range and energy.


Files 17 Stereo, 20+ Minutes
Size 782mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 


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1 Fire Burning - Bonfire 01.wav 1:00
2 Fire Burning - Bonfire 02.wav 1:01
3 Fire Burning - Camp Fire Ambience.wav 1:23
4 Fire Burning - Camp Fire Close 01.wav 0:31
5 Fire Burning - Camp Fire Close 02.wav 0:48
6 Fire Burning - Eco Log Burning Low Crackings.wav 1:40
7 Fire Burning - Extinguish Fire 01.wav 1:03
8 Fire Burning - Fire Crackles.wav 0:43
9 Fire Burning - Firepit High Intensity.wav 1:08
10 Fire Burning - Firepit.wav 0:59
11 Fire Burning - Fireplace High Intensity.wav 1:23
12 Fire Burning - Fireplace Low Intensity.wav 1:21
13 Fire Burning - Fireplace Medium Intensity.wav 1:09
14 Fire Burning - Forest Fire.wav 0:57
15 Fire Burning - Ignite Matches.wav 1:05
16 Fire Burning - Ignite Paper.wav 0:37
17 Fire Burning - Slow Evolution from Ignition.wav 5:43


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