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Steam Sound Effects

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Files 112 Stereo
Size 1,83 Gb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata, UCS compliant
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 


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1WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:08
2WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:05
3WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:03
4WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:18
5WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Long 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:47
6WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Long 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:25
7WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Long 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:29
8WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
9WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
10WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
11WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
12WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
13WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 06_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:03
14WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 07_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
15WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 08_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:03
16WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 09_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:03
17WATRStm_Ambient Steam Release Short 10_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:03
18WATRStm_Designed Ambient Steady Steam 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav2:07
19WATRStm_Designed Ambient Steady Steam 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav2:07
20WATRStm_Designed Ambient Steam Pipe Hiss 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav1:04
21WATRStm_Designed Ambient Steam Pipe Hiss 06_SPAudio_Steam.wav1:04
22WATRStm_Designed Ambient Steam Pipe Hiss 09_SPAudio_Steam.wav1:04
23WATRStm_Designed Expresso Coffee Maker Steady Steam 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav2:07
24WATRStm_Designed Expresso Coffee Maker Steady Steam 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav2:07
25WATRStm_Designed Fabric Steamer Steady Release 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav2:06
26WATRStm_Designed Fabric Steamer Steady Release 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav2:07
27WATRStm_Designed Ironing Steady Steam 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav2:07
28WATRStm_Designed Ironing Steady Steam 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav2:07
29WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Release Steam Pressure 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:06
30WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Release Steam Pressure 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:18
31WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Release Steam Pressure 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:21
32WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Release Steam Pressure 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:21
33WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Steam Wand A 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:31
34WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Steam Wand A 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:31
35WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Steam Wand A 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:54
36WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Steam Wand A 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:46
37WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Steam Wand B 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:44
38WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Steam Wand B 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:39
39WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Steam Wand C 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:44
40WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Steam Wand C 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:43
41WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Turning Off Steam 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:14
42WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Turning Off Steam 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:12
43WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Turning Off Steam 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:08
44WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Turning Off Steam 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:14
45WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Turning Off Steam 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:11
46WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Turning Off Steam 06_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:09
47WATRStm_Espresso Coffee Maker Turning Off Steam 07_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:10
48WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:03
49WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:07
50WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
51WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:05
52WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:07
53WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 06_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:03
54WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 07_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
55WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 08_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
56WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 09_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:07
57WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 10_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
58WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 11_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
59WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 12_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:09
60WATRStm_Fabric Steamer 13_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
61WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:11
62WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:13
63WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:12
64WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:19
65WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:20
66WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 06_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:20
67WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 07_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:28
68WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 08_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:22
69WATRStm_Ironing on Damp Fabric 09_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:23
70WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Long Burst 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:15
71WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Long Burst 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:15
72WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Medium Burst 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:05
73WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Medium Burst 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:05
74WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Medium Burst 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
75WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Medium Burst 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
76WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Short Burst 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
77WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Short Burst 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
78WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Short Burst 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
79WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Short Burst 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
80WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Short Burst 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
81WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Short Burst 06_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
82WATRStm_Steam Cleaner A Very Short Burst Multi_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:09
83WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Long Burst 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:11
84WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Long Burst 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:12
85WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Long Burst 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:21
86WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Medium Burst 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:07
87WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Medium Burst 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:06
88WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Medium Burst 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:06
89WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Medium Burst 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:06
90WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Short Burst 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
91WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Short Burst 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
92WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Short Burst 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:02
93WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Short Burst 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
94WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Short Burst 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
95WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Very Short Burst Multi_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:30
96WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Water Spit Long Burst 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:15
97WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Water Spit Long Burst 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:27
98WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Water Spit Medium Burst_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:06
99WATRStm_Steam Cleaner B Water Spit Small Burst_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:01
100WATRStm_Water Drip Drops on Hot Plate 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
101WATRStm_Water Drip Drops on Hot Plate 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:05
102WATRStm_Water Drip Drops on Hot Plate 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
103WATRStm_Water Drip Drops on Hot Plate 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:05
104WATRStm_Water Drip Drops on Hot Plate 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
105WATRStm_Water Drip Drops on Hot Plate 06_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
106WATRStm_Water Drip Drops on Hot Plate 07_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:04
107WATRStm_Water Drops on Hot Plate 01_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:20
108WATRStm_Water Drops on Hot Plate 02_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:30
109WATRStm_Water Drops on Hot Plate 03_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:24
110WATRStm_Water Drops on Hot Plate 04_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:27
111WATRStm_Water Drops on Hot Plate 05_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:30
112WATRStm_Water Drops on Hot Plate 06_SPAudio_Steam.wav0:30

A Steamy Sound Library

Introducing "Steam" by Silverplatter Audio. With 109 meticulously crafted sound files spanning 1.72 GB in total, this collection offers a diverse range of steam sounds, from long, atmospheric ambiences to medium and short bursts.

To capture the essence of steam in its various forms, we utilized a variety of props during the recording process. These include an espresso coffee machine, a steam iron, a fabric steamer, a steam cleaner, and a hot plate onto which water was dropped to create bursts of steam. Each prop contributes its own unique sonic character, resulting in a rich and varied palette of sounds.

The versatility of the "Steam" sound library makes it an invaluable resource for filmmakers, video game developers, sound designers, and audio professionals alike. These high-quality sound files can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of projects, including movies, video games, animations, podcasts, and more.

With carefully curated sounds that capture the hissing and sizzling of steam in vivid detail, "Steam" offers unparalleled realism and immersion. Whether you're aiming to recreate the ambiance of an old steam train chugging along the tracks, simulate the rumble of a malfunctioning factory, or bring a steam punk scene to life, this collection has you covered.

Universal Category System

This library uses the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention for sound file names and metadata, a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

Univeral Category System is used on some sound effect libraries at silverplatter audio


Quality Audio

All of our sounds go through a rigorous curation process in order to help bring you to your highest goals.


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