Voices from beyond sound effects library with scary voice recordings and sceance sfx and horror vocal recordings.

Voices from Beyond Sound Effects

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An Incredibly Deep And Useful Sound Library

Voices from Beyond Paranormal Vocal Sound Effects Library

A massive haunted voices collection with fully 596 audio files and 2 hours of otherworldly audio to cover all of your haunted voice needs for film, games, television and interactive web.

All files were carefully selected from hours upon hours of ultra high resolution recordings of talented vocal actors, then designed and processed using state of the art hardware and software audio manipulation tools.

Performances include ghostly moans, growls, yells, casting spells, whispers, goblins, fairies, small creepy creatures, infants, breathing, seance sfx, screeches and more!

The creepy eeriness of a soul's voice penetrating through the borders of life and death to communicate with the living – bring your listeners into the terrors of boldly and tastefully designed otherworldly communication with... Voices From Beyond.

Supernatural sound effects library with otherworldly ambiences, eerie sound effects and tense horror and thriller games and film.
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Files 596 Stereo
Size 4,07 GB
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata, UCS compliant
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit
Silverplatter Audio Pro Sound Effects Library

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This library uses the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention for sound file names and metadata, a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

Univeral Category System is used on some sound effect libraries at silverplatter audio


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Voices from beyond sound effects library with haunted voice and eerie vocals ghostly voices sceances and horror film sounds.