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Countryside Ambience Sound Effects

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Authentic Nature

Imagine the tranquil whispers of the countryside—a gentle breeze rustling through serene forests, the melodious flow of a crystal-clear stream, and the quiet hum of insects on a peaceful evening. From the soft chirping of birds welcoming the day to the peaceful chorus of crickets orchestrating the night, each sound in this library seamlessly harmonizes to re-create nature's tranquil symphony.

Whether you're crafting a cinematic masterpiece, developing an immersive gaming experience, or simply looking to enrich your videos, these sounds effortlessly integrate into various creative projects. They elegantly complement your visual narratives, painting an immersive backdrop of tranquility and authenticity.

This carefully curated collection is precisely organized, crafted for seamless integration into your workflow. Each sound file utilizes the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention and is embedded with comprehensive metadata, ensuring ease of use and efficient exploration.


Files 38 Stereo
Size 3,73 Gb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata, UCS compliant
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 


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1AMBAir_Steady Air Ambience 01_SPAudio_CountryAmb.WAV03:17.3
2AMBAir_Steady Air Ambience 02_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:40.5
3AMBAir_Steady Air Ambience Birds 01_SPAudio_CountryAmb.WAV02:30.0
4AMBAir_Steady Air Ambience Birds 02_SPAudio_CountryAmb.WAV02:31.6
5AMBAir_Steady Air Mixed Forest Distant Stream_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav03:17.4
6AMBAir_Steady Air Mixed Forest_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:20.7
7AMBAir_Steady Quiet Air with Distant Birds_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav04:24.8
8AMBBird_Countryside Field with Birds Provence_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:21.6
9AMBBird_Countryside Field with Birds_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:57.4
10AMBForst_Boreal Forest Early Morning Various Birds and Animals_SPAudio_CountryAmb.WAV10:08.5
11AMBForst_Edge of Forest Distant Stream_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:11.5
12AMBForst_Forest Edge Windy Distant Birds_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:17.2
13AMBForst_Forest Windy some Birds Distant River_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:21.4
14AMBForst_Forest Windy some Birds_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav04:40.6
15AMBGras_Meadow Clearing Distant Birds Flies Grasshoppers_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav03:40.3
16AMBGras_Meadow Clearing Distant Birds some Flies 02_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav01:57.9
17AMBGras_Montain Top Air Single Bird Chirping_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:49.6
18AMBGras_Montain Top Long Grass_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav01:49.0
19AMBInsc_Country Night Crickets France_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:39.1
20AMBInsc_Crickets Chorus at Night with Light Wind_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav01:12.4
21AMBInsc_Crickets Swamp Night_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav01:59.0
22AMBInsc_Mosquitos Close Perspective in Grass Field_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav03:40.4
23AMBSwmp_Swamp Frogs Close Perspective_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav00:49.9
24AMBSwmp_Swamp Insects and Distant Birds_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:57.5
25AMBSwmp_Swamp Insects and Frogs_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:48.0
26RAINVege_Light Rain on Vegetation_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:21.0
27RAINVege_Rain on Vegetation_SPAudio_CountryAmb.WAV02:13.3
28WATRFall_Waterfall Distant Perspective_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:28.6
29WATRFlow_Small Water Stream 02_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav01:44.2
30WATRFlow_Small Water Stream in Forest_SPAudio_CountryAmb.WAV03:36.1
31WATRFlow_Small Water Stream with Birds 01_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:18.0
32WATRFlow_Small Water Stream with Birds 02_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:10.9
33WATRFlow_Small Water Stream with Distant Fall_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:58.9
34WATRFlow_Small Water Stream_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:37.2
35WATRLap_Distant Waves Lapping at Night_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:02.3
36WATRLap_Small Lake Waves Lapping_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav03:31.7
37WATRLap_Wooden Dock Shaking and Rattling with Water Sloshing_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav03:14.0
38WINDVege_Warm Steady Wind in Vegetation_SPAudio_CountryAmb.wav02:11.2
Universal Category System

This library uses the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention for sound file names and metadata, a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

Univeral Category System is used on some sound effect libraries at silverplatter audio


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Countryside Ambience Sound Effect Library by Silverplatter Audio

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