Forest Ambiences Sound Effect Library

Forest Ambiences Sound Effects

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Breathe life into your forest

Immerse your audience with these beautifully captured forest recordings, now with surround and ambisonic recordings.

This rich forest ambience sound library was recorded in the Boreal and temperate regions of the world, in over 10 different locations and at different times of day and night. Version 2.0 comes with new locations and includes surround versions of some of the recordings.

Immersive Audio

While we've recorded most of the sounds in stereo, version (2.0) update also includes recordings captured with an ambisonic microphone. We deliver these recordings decoded, ready to use, in B-Format AmbiX, Stereo and Surround 5.1. See the complete file listing bellow for a detailed description of the library.


A VR project? Here are the sounds you were looking for.


The good old classic!

5.1 Surround

Forest Ambience in multi-channel? Yes, please!


Content 43 Stereo
7 Surround 5.1
7 Ambisonic B-Format
Total Size: 4,98Gb
Version 2.0
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 48 - 96khz, 16 - 24 bit 


Add more movement

An excellent pack to compliment these recordings is the Forest Random Movements pack which can add even more life and variety to the Forest Ambiences pack, in both game and film applications.

Contact us if you would like more information on how to use these libraries together - we can help!


Quality Audio

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