Handwriting Foley Sound Effects by Silverplatter Audio

Handwriting Foley Sound Effects

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Files 496 Stereo
Size 861 mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata, UCS compliant
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit


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1OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Close 01_SPAudio0:01
2OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Close 02_SPAudio0:01
3OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Close 03_SPAudio0:01
4OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Close 04_SPAudio0:01
5OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Close 05_SPAudio0:01
6OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Open 01_SPAudio0:01
7OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Open 02_SPAudio0:01
8OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Open 03_SPAudio0:01
9OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Open 04_SPAudio0:01
10OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen A Cap Open 05_SPAudio0:01
11OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Close 01_SPAudio0:01
12OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Close 02_SPAudio0:01
13OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Close 03_SPAudio0:01
14OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Close 04_SPAudio0:01
15OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Close 05_SPAudio0:01
16OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Open 01_SPAudio0:01
17OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Open 02_SPAudio0:01
18OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Open 03_SPAudio0:01
19OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Open 04_SPAudio0:01
20OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen B Cap Open 05_SPAudio0:01
21OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Black Out 01_SPAudio0:01
22OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Black Out 02_SPAudio0:02
23OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Black Out 03_SPAudio0:01
24OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Black Out 04_SPAudio0:02
25OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Check 01_SPAudio0:01
26OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Check 02_SPAudio0:01
27OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Check 03_SPAudio0:01
28OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Check 04_SPAudio0:01
29OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Check 05_SPAudio0:01
30OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Check 06_SPAudio0:01
31OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Check 07_SPAudio0:01
32OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Check 08_SPAudio0:01
33OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Circles 01_SPAudio0:16
34OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Circles 02_SPAudio0:13
35OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Coloring 01_SPAudio0:13
36OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Coloring 02_SPAudio0:11
37OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Cross 01_SPAudio0:01
38OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Cross 02_SPAudio0:01
39OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Cross 03_SPAudio0:01
40OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Cross 04_SPAudio0:01
41OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Cross 05_SPAudio0:01
42OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Cross 06_SPAudio0:01
43OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Cross 07_SPAudio0:01
44OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Long Lines 01_SPAudio0:04
45OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Long Lines 02_SPAudio0:03
46OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Long Lines 03_SPAudio0:02
47OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Long Lines 04_SPAudio0:03
48OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Long Lines 05_SPAudio0:04
49OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Long Lines 06_SPAudio0:03
50OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Short Lines 01_SPAudio0:02
51OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Short Lines 02_SPAudio0:01
52OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Short Lines 03_SPAudio0:01
53OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Short Lines 04_SPAudio0:01
54OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Short Lines 05_SPAudio0:01
55OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 01_SPAudio0:02
56OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 02_SPAudio0:02
57OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 03_SPAudio0:02
58OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 04_SPAudio0:02
59OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 05_SPAudio0:01
60OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 06_SPAudio0:02
61OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 07_SPAudio0:03
62OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 08_SPAudio0:03
63OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Fast 09_SPAudio0:02
64OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 01_SPAudio0:03
65OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 02_SPAudio0:01
66OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 03_SPAudio0:03
67OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 04_SPAudio0:03
68OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 05_SPAudio0:02
69OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 06_SPAudio0:02
70OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 07_SPAudio0:02
71OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 08_SPAudio0:02
72OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 09_SPAudio0:04
73OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 10_SPAudio0:01
74OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 11_SPAudio0:02
75OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 12_SPAudio0:02
76OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 13_SPAudio0:03
77OBJWrite_Ball Point Pen Writing Slow 14_SPAudio0:02
78OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Black Out 01_SPAudio0:02
79OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Black Out 02_SPAudio0:02
80OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Black Out 03_SPAudio0:01
81OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Black Out 04_SPAudio0:01
82OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Black Out 05_SPAudio0:01
83OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Black Out 06_SPAudio0:01
84OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 01_SPAudio0:01
85OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 02_SPAudio0:01
86OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 03_SPAudio0:01
87OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 04_SPAudio0:01
88OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 05_SPAudio0:01
89OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 06_SPAudio0:01
90OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 07_SPAudio0:01
91OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 08_SPAudio0:01
92OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 09_SPAudio0:01
93OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 10_SPAudio0:01
94OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Check 11_SPAudio0:01
95OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Circles 01_SPAudio0:14
96OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Circles 02_SPAudio0:15
97OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Coloring 01_SPAudio0:12
98OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Coloring 02_SPAudio0:12
99OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Cross 01_SPAudio0:01
100OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Cross 02_SPAudio0:01
101OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Cross 03_SPAudio0:01
102OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Cross 04_SPAudio0:01
103OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Cross 05_SPAudio0:01
104OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Cross 06_SPAudio0:01
105OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Cross 07_SPAudio0:01
106OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Long Lines 01_SPAudio0:03
107OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Long Lines 02_SPAudio0:03
108OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Long Lines 03_SPAudio0:03
109OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Long Lines 04_SPAudio0:03
110OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Long Lines 05_SPAudio0:02
111OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Long Lines 06_SPAudio0:03
112OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Long Lines 07_SPAudio0:03
113OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Short Lines 01_SPAudio0:01
114OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Short Lines 02_SPAudio0:01
115OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Short Lines 03_SPAudio0:01
116OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Short Lines 04_SPAudio0:01
117OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Short Lines 05_SPAudio0:01
118OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Short Lines 06_SPAudio0:01
119OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Fast 01_SPAudio0:04
120OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Fast 02_SPAudio0:03
121OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Fast 03_SPAudio0:05
122OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Fast 04_SPAudio0:02
123OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Fast 05_SPAudio0:02
124OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Fast 06_SPAudio0:03
125OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Fast 07_SPAudio0:02
126OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 01_SPAudio0:05
127OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 02_SPAudio0:02
128OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 03_SPAudio0:03
129OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 04_SPAudio0:02
130OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 05_SPAudio0:01
131OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 06_SPAudio0:03
132OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 07_SPAudio0:02
133OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 08_SPAudio0:01
134OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 09_SPAudio0:02
135OBJWrite_Colored Pencil Writing Slow 10_SPAudio0:02
136OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Black Out 01_SPAudio0:03
137OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Black Out 02_SPAudio0:03
138OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Black Out 03_SPAudio0:03
139OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Black Out 04_SPAudio0:03
140OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Black Out 05_SPAudio0:02
141OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Black Out 06_SPAudio0:02
142OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Black Out 07_SPAudio0:03
143OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Check 01_SPAudio0:01
144OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Check 02_SPAudio0:01
145OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Check 03_SPAudio0:01
146OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Check 04_SPAudio0:01
147OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Check 05_SPAudio0:01
148OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Check 06_SPAudio0:01
149OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Check 07_SPAudio0:01
150OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Coloring 01_SPAudio0:23
151OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Coloring 02_SPAudio0:25
152OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Cross 01_SPAudio0:01
153OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Cross 02_SPAudio0:01
154OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Cross 03_SPAudio0:01
155OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Cross 04_SPAudio0:01
156OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Cross 05_SPAudio0:01
157OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Long Lines 01_SPAudio0:06
158OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Long Lines 02_SPAudio0:06
159OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Long Lines 03_SPAudio0:06
160OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Long Lines 04_SPAudio0:05
161OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Long Lines 05_SPAudio0:05
162OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Short Lines 01_SPAudio0:02
163OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Short Lines 02_SPAudio0:02
164OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Short Lines 03_SPAudio0:02
165OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Short Lines 04_SPAudio0:03
166OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Fast 01_SPAudio0:06
167OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Fast 02_SPAudio0:04
168OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Fast 03_SPAudio0:07
169OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Fast 04_SPAudio0:08
170OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Fast 05_SPAudio0:06
171OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Fast 06_SPAudio0:08
172OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Fast 07_SPAudio0:07
173OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Fast 08_SPAudio0:05
174OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Slow 01_SPAudio0:14
175OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Slow 02_SPAudio0:08
176OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Slow 03_SPAudio0:08
177OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Slow 04_SPAudio0:07
178OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Slow 05_SPAudio0:05
179OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Slow 06_SPAudio0:04
180OBJWrite_Dry Erase Marker on White Board Writing Slow 07_SPAudio0:06
181OBJWrite_Eraser Large 01_SPAudio0:04
182OBJWrite_Eraser Large 02_SPAudio0:04
183OBJWrite_Eraser Large 03_SPAudio0:05
184OBJWrite_Eraser Large 04_SPAudio0:04
185OBJWrite_Eraser Large 05_SPAudio0:03
186OBJWrite_Eraser Small 01_SPAudio0:04
187OBJWrite_Eraser Small 02_SPAudio0:04
188OBJWrite_Eraser Small 03_SPAudio0:04
189OBJWrite_Eraser Small 04_SPAudio0:04
190OBJWrite_Eraser Small 05_SPAudio0:04
191OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Close 01_SPAudio0:01
192OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Close 02_SPAudio0:01
193OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Close 03_SPAudio0:01
194OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Close 04_SPAudio0:01
195OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Close 05_SPAudio0:01
196OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Open 01_SPAudio0:01
197OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Open 02_SPAudio0:01
198OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Open 03_SPAudio0:01
199OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Open 04_SPAudio0:01
200OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cap Open 05_SPAudio0:01
201OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 01_SPAudio0:01
202OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 02_SPAudio0:01
203OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 03_SPAudio0:01
204OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 04_SPAudio0:01
205OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 05_SPAudio0:01
206OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 06_SPAudio0:01
207OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 07_SPAudio0:01
208OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 08_SPAudio0:01
209OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 09_SPAudio0:01
210OBJWrite_Felt Pen Check 10_SPAudio0:01
211OBJWrite_Felt Pen Circles 01_SPAudio0:12
212OBJWrite_Felt Pen Circles 02_SPAudio0:11
213OBJWrite_Felt Pen Coloring 01_SPAudio0:12
214OBJWrite_Felt Pen Coloring 02_SPAudio0:12
215OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cross 01_SPAudio0:01
216OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cross 02_SPAudio0:01
217OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cross 03_SPAudio0:01
218OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cross 04_SPAudio0:01
219OBJWrite_Felt Pen Cross 05_SPAudio0:01
220OBJWrite_Felt Pen Long Lines 01_SPAudio0:03
221OBJWrite_Felt Pen Long Lines 02_SPAudio0:03
222OBJWrite_Felt Pen Long Lines 03_SPAudio0:02
223OBJWrite_Felt Pen Long Lines 04_SPAudio0:03
224OBJWrite_Felt Pen Short Lines 01_SPAudio0:01
225OBJWrite_Felt Pen Short Lines 02_SPAudio0:01
226OBJWrite_Felt Pen Short Lines 03_SPAudio0:01
227OBJWrite_Felt Pen Short Lines 04_SPAudio0:01
228OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Fast 01_SPAudio0:02
229OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Fast 02_SPAudio0:04
230OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Fast 03_SPAudio0:03
231OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Fast 04_SPAudio0:03
232OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Fast 05_SPAudio0:03
233OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Fast 06_SPAudio0:01
234OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Fast 07_SPAudio0:02
235OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 01_SPAudio0:04
236OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 02_SPAudio0:02
237OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 03_SPAudio0:04
238OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 04_SPAudio0:04
239OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 05_SPAudio0:04
240OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 06_SPAudio0:03
241OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 07_SPAudio0:04
242OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 08_SPAudio0:02
243OBJWrite_Felt Pen Writing Slow 09_SPAudio0:06
244OBJWrite_Highlighter Black Out 01_SPAudio0:01
245OBJWrite_Highlighter Black Out 02_SPAudio0:02
246OBJWrite_Highlighter Black Out 03_SPAudio0:01
247OBJWrite_Highlighter Black Out 04_SPAudio0:02
248OBJWrite_Highlighter Black Out 05_SPAudio0:02
249OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Close 01_SPAudio0:01
250OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Close 02_SPAudio0:01
251OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Close 03_SPAudio0:01
252OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Close 04_SPAudio0:01
253OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Close 05_SPAudio0:01
254OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Open 01_SPAudio0:01
255OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Open 02_SPAudio0:01
256OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Open 03_SPAudio0:01
257OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Open 04_SPAudio0:01
258OBJWrite_Highlighter Cap Open 05_SPAudio0:01
259OBJWrite_Highlighter Check 01_SPAudio0:01
260OBJWrite_Highlighter Check 02_SPAudio0:01
261OBJWrite_Highlighter Check 03_SPAudio0:01
262OBJWrite_Highlighter Check 04_SPAudio0:01
263OBJWrite_Highlighter Check 05_SPAudio0:01
264OBJWrite_Highlighter Check 06_SPAudio0:01
265OBJWrite_Highlighter Circles 01_SPAudio0:14
266OBJWrite_Highlighter Circles 02_SPAudio0:13
267OBJWrite_Highlighter Coloring 01_SPAudio0:12
268OBJWrite_Highlighter Coloring 02_SPAudio0:12
269OBJWrite_Highlighter Cross 01_SPAudio0:01
270OBJWrite_Highlighter Cross 02_SPAudio0:01
271OBJWrite_Highlighter Cross 03_SPAudio0:01
272OBJWrite_Highlighter Cross 04_SPAudio0:01
273OBJWrite_Highlighter Cross 05_SPAudio0:01
274OBJWrite_Highlighter Cross 06_SPAudio0:01
275OBJWrite_Highlighter Long Lines 01_SPAudio0:03
276OBJWrite_Highlighter Long Lines 02_SPAudio0:03
277OBJWrite_Highlighter Long Lines 03_SPAudio0:03
278OBJWrite_Highlighter Long Lines 04_SPAudio0:03
279OBJWrite_Highlighter Short Lines 01_SPAudio0:01
280OBJWrite_Highlighter Short Lines 02_SPAudio0:02
281OBJWrite_Highlighter Short Lines 03_SPAudio0:01
282OBJWrite_Highlighter Short Lines 04_SPAudio0:01
283OBJWrite_Highlighter Short Lines 05_SPAudio0:01
284OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 01_SPAudio0:06
285OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 02_SPAudio0:02
286OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 03_SPAudio0:03
287OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 04_SPAudio0:02
288OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 05_SPAudio0:01
289OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 06_SPAudio0:01
290OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 07_SPAudio0:01
291OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 08_SPAudio0:01
292OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Fast 09_SPAudio0:02
293OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 01_SPAudio0:04
294OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 02_SPAudio0:03
295OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 03_SPAudio0:04
296OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 04_SPAudio0:04
297OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 05_SPAudio0:03
298OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 06_SPAudio0:03
299OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 07_SPAudio0:04
300OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 08_SPAudio0:02
301OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 09_SPAudio0:02
302OBJWrite_Highlighter Writing Slow 10_SPAudio0:02
303OBJWrite_Pencil Black Out 01_SPAudio0:02
304OBJWrite_Pencil Black Out 02_SPAudio0:02
305OBJWrite_Pencil Black Out 03_SPAudio0:02
306OBJWrite_Pencil Black Out 04_SPAudio0:02
307OBJWrite_Pencil Black Out 05_SPAudio0:02
308OBJWrite_Pencil Check 01_SPAudio0:01
309OBJWrite_Pencil Check 02_SPAudio0:01
310OBJWrite_Pencil Check 03_SPAudio0:01
311OBJWrite_Pencil Check 04_SPAudio0:01
312OBJWrite_Pencil Check 05_SPAudio0:01
313OBJWrite_Pencil Check 06_SPAudio0:01
314OBJWrite_Pencil Check 07_SPAudio0:01
315OBJWrite_Pencil Check 08_SPAudio0:01
316OBJWrite_Pencil Check 09_SPAudio0:01
317OBJWrite_Pencil Circles 01_SPAudio0:07
318OBJWrite_Pencil Circles 02_SPAudio0:17
319OBJWrite_Pencil Coloring 01_SPAudio0:12
320OBJWrite_Pencil Coloring 02_SPAudio0:11
321OBJWrite_Pencil Cross 01_SPAudio0:01
322OBJWrite_Pencil Cross 02_SPAudio0:01
323OBJWrite_Pencil Cross 03_SPAudio0:01
324OBJWrite_Pencil Cross 04_SPAudio0:01
325OBJWrite_Pencil Cross 05_SPAudio0:01
326OBJWrite_Pencil Cross 06_SPAudio0:01
327OBJWrite_Pencil Long Lines 01_SPAudio0:02
328OBJWrite_Pencil Long Lines 02_SPAudio0:03
329OBJWrite_Pencil Long Lines 03_SPAudio0:03
330OBJWrite_Pencil Long Lines 04_SPAudio0:03
331OBJWrite_Pencil Long Lines 05_SPAudio0:03
332OBJWrite_Pencil Short Lines 01_SPAudio0:01
333OBJWrite_Pencil Short Lines 02_SPAudio0:01
334OBJWrite_Pencil Short Lines 03_SPAudio0:01
335OBJWrite_Pencil Short Lines 04_SPAudio0:01
336OBJWrite_Pencil Short Lines 05_SPAudio0:01
337OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Fast 01_SPAudio0:03
338OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Fast 02_SPAudio0:05
339OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Fast 03_SPAudio0:03
340OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Fast 04_SPAudio0:02
341OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Fast 05_SPAudio0:02
342OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Fast 06_SPAudio0:03
343OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Fast 07_SPAudio0:02
344OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 01_SPAudio0:04
345OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 02_SPAudio0:04
346OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 03_SPAudio0:02
347OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 04_SPAudio0:04
348OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 05_SPAudio0:02
349OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 06_SPAudio0:02
350OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 07_SPAudio0:05
351OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 08_SPAudio0:02
352OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 09_SPAudio0:02
353OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 10_SPAudio0:03
354OBJWrite_Pencil Writing Slow 11_SPAudio0:03
355OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Close 01_SPAudio0:02
356OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Close 02_SPAudio0:01
357OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Close 03_SPAudio0:01
358OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Close 04_SPAudio0:01
359OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Close 05_SPAudio0:01
360OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Open 01_SPAudio0:01
361OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Open 02_SPAudio0:01
362OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Open 03_SPAudio0:01
363OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Open 04_SPAudio0:01
364OBJWrite_Push Button Pen Open 05_SPAudio0:01
365OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Black Out 01_SPAudio0:03
366OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Black Out 02_SPAudio0:03
367OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Black Out 03_SPAudio0:03
368OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Black Out 04_SPAudio0:02
369OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Black Out 05_SPAudio0:02
370OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Black Out 06_SPAudio0:02
371OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Black Out 07_SPAudio0:02
372OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Check 01_SPAudio0:01
373OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Check 02_SPAudio0:01
374OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Check 03_SPAudio0:01
375OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Check 04_SPAudio0:01
376OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Check 05_SPAudio0:01
377OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Check 06_SPAudio0:01
378OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Check 07_SPAudio0:01
379OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Check 08_SPAudio0:01
380OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Circles 01_SPAudio0:08
381OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Circles 02_SPAudio0:08
382OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Circles 03_SPAudio0:18
383OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Circles 04_SPAudio0:21
384OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Coloring 01_SPAudio0:14
385OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Coloring 02_SPAudio0:20
386OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Cross 01_SPAudio0:01
387OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Cross 02_SPAudio0:01
388OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Cross 03_SPAudio0:01
389OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Cross 04_SPAudio0:01
390OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Cross 05_SPAudio0:01
391OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Cross 06_SPAudio0:01
392OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Cross 07_SPAudio0:01
393OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Long Lines 01_SPAudio0:04
394OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Long Lines 02_SPAudio0:04
395OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Long Lines 03_SPAudio0:04
396OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Long Lines 04_SPAudio0:05
397OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Long Lines 05_SPAudio0:05
398OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Long Lines 06_SPAudio0:04
399OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 01_SPAudio0:01
400OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 02_SPAudio0:01
401OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 03_SPAudio0:01
402OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 04_SPAudio0:01
403OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 05_SPAudio0:01
404OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 06_SPAudio0:01
405OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 07_SPAudio0:01
406OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 08_SPAudio0:01
407OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 09_SPAudio0:01
408OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Short Lines 10_SPAudio0:02
409OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Square 01_SPAudio0:02
410OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Square 02_SPAudio0:02
411OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Square 03_SPAudio0:02
412OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Square 04_SPAudio0:02
413OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Square 05_SPAudio0:02
414OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Square 06_SPAudio0:02
415OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Square 07_SPAudio0:02
416OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Square 08_SPAudio0:02
417OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 01_SPAudio0:05
418OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 02_SPAudio0:04
419OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 03_SPAudio0:06
420OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 04_SPAudio0:07
421OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 05_SPAudio0:05
422OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 06_SPAudio0:05
423OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 07_SPAudio0:03
424OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 08_SPAudio0:03
425OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 09_SPAudio0:04
426OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Fast 10_SPAudio0:05
427OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 01_SPAudio0:07
428OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 02_SPAudio0:06
429OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 03_SPAudio0:09
430OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 04_SPAudio0:08
431OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 05_SPAudio0:07
432OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 06_SPAudio0:09
433OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 07_SPAudio0:03
434OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 08_SPAudio0:03
435OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 09_SPAudio0:05
436OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 10_SPAudio0:06
437OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 11_SPAudio0:05
438OBJWrite_Push Pencil in Book Writing Slow 12_SPAudio0:06
439OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Close 01_SPAudio0:01
440OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Close 02_SPAudio0:01
441OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Close 03_SPAudio0:01
442OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Close 04_SPAudio0:01
443OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Close 05_SPAudio0:01
444OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Open 01_SPAudio0:02
445OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Open 02_SPAudio0:01
446OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Open 03_SPAudio0:01
447OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Open 04_SPAudio0:01
448OBJWrite_Sharpie Cap Open 05_SPAudio0:01
449OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Black Out 01_SPAudio0:03
450OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Black Out 02_SPAudio0:03
451OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Black Out 03_SPAudio0:02
452OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Black Out 04_SPAudio0:01
453OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Black Out 05_SPAudio0:02
454OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Check 01_SPAudio0:01
455OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Check 02_SPAudio0:01
456OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Check 03_SPAudio0:01
457OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Check 04_SPAudio0:01
458OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Check 05_SPAudio0:01
459OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Check 06_SPAudio0:01
460OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Circle 01_SPAudio0:12
461OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Circle 02_SPAudio0:12
462OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Coloring 01_SPAudio0:11
463OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Coloring 02_SPAudio0:11
464OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Cross 01_SPAudio0:01
465OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Cross 02_SPAudio0:01
466OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Cross 03_SPAudio0:01
467OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Cross 04_SPAudio0:01
468OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Cross 05_SPAudio0:01
469OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Cross 06_SPAudio0:01
470OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Long Lines 01_SPAudio0:02
471OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Long Lines 02_SPAudio0:02
472OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Long Lines 03_SPAudio0:02
473OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Long Lines 04_SPAudio0:02
474OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Short Lines 01_SPAudio0:01
475OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Short Lines 02_SPAudio0:01
476OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Short Lines 03_SPAudio0:01
477OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Short Lines 04_SPAudio0:01
478OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Short Lines 05_SPAudio0:01
479OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Short Lines 06_SPAudio0:01
480OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Fast 01_SPAudio0:03
481OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Fast 02_SPAudio0:03
482OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Fast 03_SPAudio0:03
483OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Fast 04_SPAudio0:03
484OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Fast 05_SPAudio0:02
485OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Fast 06_SPAudio0:03
486OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Fast 07_SPAudio0:02
487OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 01_SPAudio0:01
488OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 02_SPAudio0:03
489OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 03_SPAudio0:01
490OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 04_SPAudio0:03
491OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 05_SPAudio0:02
492OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 06_SPAudio0:05
493OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 07_SPAudio0:06
494OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 08_SPAudio0:03
495OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 09_SPAudio0:05
496OBJWrite_Wax Crayon Writing Slow 10_SPAudio0:02

You get mechanical pen and pencil clicks, cap pop-offs and snap-ons, squeaky pens and thick markers, crayons, ball point pens, felt pens, erasers, highlighters and sharpies. Almost 500 recordings for all your needs.

Capturing the detail of the subtle sound with zero background noise is an art in itself! For these recordings, we found that the best results were achieved using an LCR configuration. A tightly positioned Rode NTG3 shotgun mic for the centre was used, along with a pair of slightly pulled back Sennheiser MKH 8040s to provide a gentle stereo image. The environment we used was our "dead room", completely silent and reverb-free - ideal for this type of recording. Reliably transparent and highly recommended, a Sound Devices Mix-Pre-6 was used to capture the final recordings.

Need Paper Foley recordings as well? Have a look at our Paper Foley SFX Library here.

Foley for Writing Drawing Scribbling and Erasing

A massive 496 Audio Files of detailed and balanced close-proximity recordings of handwriting performances. Scribbles, erasing, check marks, blackouts, colouring, circles and crosshatches for each writing tool are in this complete Foley library.



This library uses the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention for sound file names and metadata, a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

Univeral Category System is used on some sound effect libraries at silverplatter audio
Pens, Pencils, Markers and Highlighters foley sound effects, including writing, by Silverplatter Audio
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All of our sounds go through a rigorous curation process in order to help bring you to your highest goals.


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Pens, Pencils, Markers and Highlighters foley sound effects, including writing, by Silverplatter Audio