Hardware Buzzers Sound Effects

Hardware Buzzers Sound Effects

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Files 20 Stereo
Size 80 MB
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 


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1BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep A Broken 01_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:11.6
2BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep A Broken 02_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:09.5
3BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep A Long Tone 01_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:01.4
4BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep A Long Tone 02_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:01.9
5BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep A Long Tone 03_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:03.0
6BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep A Short Burst_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:10.8
7BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep A Very Short Burst_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:15.3
8BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep B Broken 01_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:06.6
9BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep B Broken 02_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:10.4
10BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep B Long Tone 01_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:01.6
11BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep B Long Tone 02_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:02.3
12BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep B Short Burst_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:10.7
13BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep B Very Short Burst_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:06.8
14BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep C Broken 01_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:06.4
15BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep C Broken 02_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:06.2
16BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep C Long Tone 01_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:01.1
17BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep C Long Tone 02_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:01.1
18BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep C Long Tone 03_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:01.6
19BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep C Short Burst_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:13.0
20BEEP_Hardware Buzzer Beep C Very Short Burst_SPAudio_Buzz.wav00:16.7

REAL Hardware Buzzers

Explore our latest micro pack: "Hardware Buzzers." A unique collection featuring three genuine hardware buzzers. They sound vintage and authentic. Included in this micro pack are recordings of various length, along with captivating "broken" versions, where purposeful bad battery contact infuses some weirdness hardly found anywhere else. Use these distinctive sounds into retro-futuristic projects that demand a vintage tone. Think Apollo missions, classic sci-fi movies, anime.

Vintage and authentic hardware buzzers for your retro-future project!


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