Leaves Sound Effect Library


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Leaves Sound Effects Library

Highly versatile, upmost quality rustling leaves.

In nature, the sound of leaves and foliage is extremely difficult to capture without external ambient background noise. So to make absolutely certain that we had the best sounding foliage sound recordings, we brought the forest to us! Leaves, plants, and even small trees graced our studios to bring you this meticulously recorded SFX library.

This library is the ideal source audio for your leaves and foliage needs. This collection includes two types of leaves: Autumn Leaves and Foliage.  Autumn leaves are  perfect for autumn scenery as well as for Halloween, while the Foliage ones are less crispy and versatile for any type of foliage.

Happy Rustling!



What you get

Files 54 Files
Size 320 Mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata for Soundminer, Basehead, Nuendo, etc. 
Format WAV 96 kHz, 24 bit


Sound Library Info (scroll inside the box - more metadata in purchased version)

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