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Mustang 1968

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Vintage Mustang V8 sound effects library

To introduce this ultra-sleek library this holiday season, we're offering it to you at no cost - yep, this sound library is 100% free! Our way to wish you Happy Holidays, and to thank our customers for an amazing 2019.  2020 is looking to be a huge year here at SilverPlatter Audio, with tons of new and exciting content. We've also added some beauties to our gear arsenal, so be sure to stay tuned!

The Classic American Muscle Car

It wasn't in our plans to start recording cars this year. But when we had the opportunity to record this beauty, there was no question... we hauled our gear over to the countryside and set up camp. This Mustang Fastback 1968 has been modified with a brand new Ford V8 engine (5.0l. 302 cu in) giving it a very unique sound signature. The recording list includes onboard (exhaust) driving at various speeds, intense accelerations, startup and shut-offs, while exterior perspective recordings include pass-bys and drive-aways. From the interior perspective, you'll get cruising at various speeds and intensities.

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What you get:

Files 16 Stereo and 8 Mono
Size 721mb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 

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