Opening Things Sound Effect Library

Opening Things Sound Effects

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Opening and Closing Foley Sound Effects Library


This essential 400+ sound effect library is the solution for sound designers of all levels who need… 


  • Variety: A metric ton of objects and materials that click open and close, slide, bang, latch, shut and scrape, this sound effect library covers a huge array of high quality real world interaction SFX.
  • Time: "Opening Things" saves you time and of recording, finding and/or faking sounds to create Foley for many real-world interactions - for many projects to come.
  • Budget:  This packed library is offered at a price that doesn't break the bank.


    Full details on included sfx below the following audio preview:

    What you get

    Files 411
    Size 190 mb
    Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
    Format WAV 48khz, 16 bit 


    Sound Library Info (scroll inside the box - more metadata in purchased version)