Rain Sound Effects

Rain Sound Effects

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A meticulously assembled all-encompassing sound library of Rain in Nature recorded in over 15 locations over the course of several years. This version (2.0) includes 11 new stereo recordings, as well as six new 5.1 recordings and six new Ambisonic recordings.

More than 70 minutes of rain from detailed light sprinkle to massive thunderstorms, from light windy rain to a massive hurricane rainstorm.

Immersive Audio

While we've recorded most of the sounds in stereo, version (2.0) update also includes recordings captured with an ambisonic microphone. We deliver these recordings decoded, ready to use, in B-Format AmbiX, Stereo and Surround 5.1. See the complete file listing bellow for a detailed description of the library.


A VR project? Here's the rain you were looking for.


The good old classic!

5.1 Surround

Rain in multi-channel? Yes, please!


Files 34 Stereo, 6x 5.1, 6x Ambisonic
Size 5.66 Gb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 44.1 - 96khz, 16 - 24 bit 


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1 Rain After the Storm with Birds 5.1.wav 1:32
2 Rain After the Storm with Birds B-Format AmbiX.wav 1:32
3 Rain After the Storm with Birds Stereo.wav 1:32
4 Rain Forest Medium Crisp High Detail.wav 0:55
5 Rain Heavy 2 5.1.wav 3:36
6 Rain Heavy 2 B-Format AmbiX.wav 3:36
7 Rain Heavy 2 Stereo.wav 3:36
8 Rain Heavy 5.1.wav 5:44
9 Rain Heavy B-Format AmbiX.wav 5:44
10 Rain Heavy Constant 01.wav 5:44
11 Rain Heavy in Forest.wav 0:58
12 Rain Heavy Stereo.wav 5:44
13 Rain Light Steady Wind in Trees Drips 01.wav 0:40
14 Rain Light Thunder Rumble to Heavy Rain 01.wav 2:28
15 Rain Light with Thunder 01.wav 1:32
16 Rain Light with Thunder 02.wav 1:24
17 Rain Medium with Heavy Foliage Drips 01.WAV 1:33
18 Rain Medium with Heavy Foliage Drips 02.WAV 1:12
19 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 01.wav 3:09
20 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 02.wav 1:31
21 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 03.wav 1:02
22 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 04.wav 0:26
23 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 05.wav 1:59
24 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 06.wav 1:58
25 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 07.wav 4:36
26 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 08.wav 2:29
27 Rain Outdoors Forest Thunder 09.wav 1:17
28 Rain Outdoors Forest Vegetation 01.wav 0:18
29 Rain Outdoors Forest Vegetation 02.wav 0:21
30 Rain Outdoors Forest Vegetation 03.wav 0:15
31 Rain Outdoors Forest Vegetation 04.wav 0:53
32 Rain Outdoors Forest Vegetation 05.wav 0:19
33 Rain Sparse in Forest.wav 2:18
34 Rain Steady 5.1.wav 2:35
35 Rain Steady B-Format AmbiX.wav 2:35
36 Rain Steady Pouring Medium.wav 2:35
37 Rain Steady Stereo.wav 2:35
38 Rain Storm Wind Hurricane.wav 0:28
39 Rain with Distant Thunder 5.1.wav 4:30
40 Rain with Distant Thunder B-Format AmbiX.wav 4:30
41 Rain with Distant Thunder Stereo.wav 4:30
42 Rain with heavy thunder 5.1.wav 6:20
43 Rain with heavy thunder B-Format AmbiX.wav 6:20
44 Thunder Light Rain Short 01.wav 1:26
45 Thunder Light Rain Short 02.wav 0:29
46 Thunder Light Rain Short 03.wav 0:21


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