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Snow Bundle Sound Effects

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You need Snow Sound Effects?

These 4 libraries have been recorded in a 3 years span, from 2017 to 2019, in real winter conditions. There’s no blizzard or freezing cold temperature that would stop us!

By getting this bundle, you make sure to be totally covered with your snow sounds cravings: You get impact of all size, a lot of debris, footsteps in various snow conditions, light winter breeze to heavy blizzard, snow plows and more.

Including 305 snow sound effects from:

Snow Impacts and Debris

In need for some serious snow impacts? Our punchy, crunchy Snow Impacts and Debris sound library features all the essential sounds needed to create the most amazing snowy impacts. Like our other snow-themed libraries, all sounds were recorded using genuine snow - this library is certified 100% corn starch free!

Snow Footsteps

The Snow Footsteps sound effect library includes variations of walk and run cycles over multiple snow surface types. This is the perfect extensive collection for those who need authentic and beautifully captured snow footsteps. All sounds were recorded on real snow, over the span of two years in snowy Canada.


From the Antarctic to the Arctic, from the tundra plains to the top of Mount Everest - get ready to be seriously blown away. This Snowstorm sound effect library has all the snowy blizzard needed to re-create the perfect storm. Give your arsenal some serious wow factor! Also included are cars spinning wheels and passing into snow and of course, shoveling.

Snow Plow

The iconic winter sound of snow plows clearing snow. Captured over 2 years in different snowy conditions, this sound effect library has been carefully assembled to cover all snow plow audio needs, such as shovel bangs, engine revs, reverse beeps, pass-bys and more. 



Files 305 Stereo
Size 1,97 Gb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit 



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Use Case Scenarios

Snowball throwing
Snow foley
Playing in Snow
Snow blocks crashing
Walking and running in snow
Blizzard Scene
Strong Winter Wind
Car in Snow

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