Timelapse and Hyperspace and Slipspace sound effects library to cover all your fast motion audio SFX needs.

Timelapse Sound Effects

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Files 448 Stereo, 1 hour 45 mins of audio
Size 3,7 GB
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata, UCS compliant
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit

Silverplatter Audio Pro Sound Effects Library

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Finally! The Definitive Timelapse Sound Effects Toolkit.

Introducing the ultimate Timelapse Sound Effects sound library designed to meet the highest quality needs for sound designers, videographers, and filmmakers alike. With over 3Gb of sound data and 448 high-quality audio files, this library has everything you need to bring your scenes to life. Whether you're working on timelapse, timewarp, hyperspace, slipspace, time travel, hyper fast cars, superheroes, and whatever else you may need in this sound category... this sound library has you covered.

This library provides speedy transitions and hyperfast event clusters to equip sound designers and videographers with the sound sources needed to elevate any project. To help achieve your goals, this library features more than 30 different scenes, each carefully curated to cover a wide range of case scenarios. With bustling cityscapes, peaceful countryside ambiences, ocean depths, the roars of fires, from the static of data transmission to the crackle of radio interference, this library has it all packaged up in that zippy super fast Timelapse style.

One Scene, Two Approaches: Longer files and Single Events for the same scene
Each scene includes two unique "audio beds" crafted using a multitude of same-family soundgroups carefully manipulated and tweaked with utmost attention to detail. These audio beds provide a strong foundation for your audio work, and will undoubtedly serve as a solid backbone for your overall sound design. To complement the audio beds, each scene also includes a set of sound group-related passbys, adding even more flexibility and depth to your sound design intention.

Whether you're a seasoned sound designer or just starting out, this library is an essential resource in achieving high-quality audio for your projects. So don't wait, take your audio to the next level with this comprehensive sound library today!


Universal Category System

This library uses the Universal Category System (UCS) naming convention for sound file names and metadata, a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

Univeral Category System is used on some sound effect libraries at silverplatter audio
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Quality Audio

All of our sounds go through a rigorous curation process in order to help bring you to your highest goals.


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Timelapse and Hyperspace and Slipspace sound effects library to cover all your fast motion audio SFX needs.

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