"The Paranormal sound library is seriously creepy - wow."   - Francis Brus, Award Winning Lead Sound Designer for Outlast 2

Underwater Bubbles and Movement


Underwater Sound Effects Library

Ever wonder what the fish hear when we pee in a lake? Joking aside, the urinist had to drink a few gallons on the yacht to get all the material we have here.

To get the perfect underwater audio recording - and here is a pro tip for other recordists - subtle post-process layering can deliver incredible results. The astoundingly clear underwater bubble and movement recordings heard in this sound library are the result of pro equipment and some post equalization to make the sound come alive.

Fit for games, televisions and film, these 96/24 underwater recordings are the best value for money you will find, without compromising on quality in the least.


What you get

Files 45 Files
Size 178 Mo
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata for Soundminer, Basehead, Nuendo, etc. 
Format WAV 96 kHz, 24 bit


Sound Library Info (scroll inside the box) 

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