Water Foley sound effects library with splash sfx, swimming pool recordings, drinking water gurgling showers taps water pipe recordings and all water movement sounds.

Water Foley Sound Effects

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Complete Water Foley SFX Library

This vast and wide ranging SFX library has over 230 audio files all recorded with immaculate attention to detail at 96/24. The content in this library makes it perfect for; pool and beach scenes, bathroom and kitchen sounds, drinking, bubbling, boiling... and now even more with our expanded version 2 release.

In our other water libraries we focus on capturing water in nature, in its pure form. Here we've focused on water with an interactive human approach, and bring to you a vast collection of ever-useful Water Foley.

Pool and swimming SFX, boiling water sounds and much much more

pool dive-bombs and all splashes, articulated swimming, flapping water, movement and sloshing.

boiling water, water through plumbing, tap water, shower and toilet flushes, bursting bubbles using all kinds of props.

dripping, drinking, sipping, swallowing, and more...see the complete listing below!



Content 232 Stereo, 1,24 Gb
Version Version 2, update December 2020
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit



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