Water In Motion


Water Foley sound effect library

This vast collection of water Foley sounds will be a go-to for years to come.

Human Interactions with Water

 In this detail-oriented water Foley library, you won't find rivers, waterfalls or oceans. Here we bring you crystal clear recordings of all types of water interactions, perfect for any wet Foley scenario. To achieve this level of quality, we took all of our sound baffles and set them up in our recordist's garage to create the quietest, least reflective space to record in. We then hauled this giant kiddie pool into the space, set up our gear, and got our feet wet so to speak! Also included are water recordings from the bathroom, in pipes, hand-washing, bubbling, taps and much more - please see below for details. With 173 files and over a gig of content, you'll have plenty of high quality water content to create your next big splash.

(Looking for water in nature? click here)

Go ahead and dive in!

Includes recordings of:

Dive bombs and all sizes of splashes
Swimming, hands and feet flapping
Water movement and sloshing
Boiling Water, Water through plumbing
Tap water, shower and toilet flushes
Bursts of bubbles using many different props
Water Dripping
Drinking, sipping, swallowing
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What you get


173 Stereo Files

1060 MB

Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata

WAV 96khz, 24bit 

Complete file listing

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Audio Preview


Use case scenarios

Poolside scenes
Wet Foley
Playing and splashing with water
Objects moving through water
Fishing scenes
Objects dropped in water
Bathing and "toileting"

All of the included sounds were recorded in pristine
24 bits / 96 kHz for pitch shifting without losing quality.

Embedded Metadata

Every sound file is embedded with descriptive metadata for added compatibility with Soundminer, Basehead or Soundly. If you do not own such a search engine, don't worry! The audio files have descriptive naming so you can easily search by native Mac or PC search tools.



Q. How does it work? What is the agreement when I purchase a pack?

A. It's very simple: you get a perpetual license to use the sounds in any of your projects for all time.

Q. Are these sounds royalty free?

A. Yes. Once the license is purchased, you don't have to worry to pay any future royalties.

Q. Do you require to be credited for using the sounds?

A. Of course not! This being said, we'd love to hear what you do with them!

Q. Can I sale back the license to someone else?

A. No. Like other royalty free medias, the license is not transferable.

Q. Where can I find the EULA?

A. The complete EULA can be found here.

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