3 Snow Sound Effects Libraries From the North Pole

Snow sound effects library

It's Freezing Cold Out Here!

Well, technically, Canada is not quite in the north pole, but sometimes it feels just like it. When November arrives, we all take a deep breath and begin to hunker down - we know it'll be long before the spring melt. Although winter has its down sides, it's obviously the best time of the year to er...snuggle...and... to record snow!

The best moments are at night, when you get a minimum level human-generated sounds (at least outside). Pro tip - try to record when there's super fresh, thick powdery snow on the ground.  Those kind of snow conditions dampen the surrounding environmental sounds so you can get the lowest noise floor possible. Make sure your batteries are fully charged and go! And of course don't forget to wear your warmest clothes! The following 3 libraries have been recorded in a 2 years span, in 2017 and 2018. Enjoy!

Snow Impacts and Debris