New Product: Antique Mechanisms

New Product: Antique Mechanisms

At Silverplatter Audio, we're always on the lookout to create cool and useful sound effects libraries to make your projects sound even more professional and authentic. Recently, we came up with the idea of bringing back some of these "old-time" vintage mechanistic sounds!

Sure, all the new toys are cool… but sometimes you want something old… antique even. We love listening to the noises produced by antique machines. They are the sounds that move us back in time and give a feeling of cog-like machines busy doing something. They're comforting and they bring back memories of a time when life was different.

So we went on a mission. We were determined to bring back all those awesome vintage sounds directly to everyone!

We're very excited to launch Antique Mechanisms, a sound library that brings the past to your present. This library is filled with over 350 sounds for 900 mb of data from two different typewriters, an adding machine, a protectograph and a vintage cigarette machine.

We searched high and low around the streets of Montreal to discover each of these treasures. We scoured antique shops, antique auctions and flea markets... Many times we didn't know what we would find! We are crazy:-)

These sounds were recorded in our studio using high-quality microphones and preamps to capture all the nuances of each mechanism. After recording, we edited them into individual files using Pro Tools software so you can use them in your projects easily.

Each of these files were then carefully mastered to give you the best possible usability. This can be heard in the clear and crisp "clicking" from the typewriter carriage return levers, or the internal protectograph mechanism cranking.