Sub Zero: Ice Bundle

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Ice Sound Effect Library Bundle

Recorded over three seasons in difficult freezing winter conditions, this bundle brings genuine, meticulously detailed ice recordings. We've done the groundwork for you, now it's up to you to bring your sub-zero project to the next level!

The Story

So it was a sunny, windless day, temperature was -27C. Our (very determined) recordist Phil knew of a spot where a lake was known to have great cracking sounds, precisely when the snow had blown off from a recent windy day, and the temperature was fuh-reeezing… which was the case that day. Equipped with a heavy load of gear, he set out on the lake, glasses steaming up. He went to his spot, set up camp and sure enough some great crackling and stress sounds were happening… perfect conditions. You know when you get in the zone, and time flies? Phil now has a wonderful case of frostbite on his wrists… but he brings us some absolutely astounding, visceral sound recordings. We (well ok mostly he) bring you, on a silver platter, the bounty of those recordings. And here we offer them in a bundle for as well as some ice impacts, debris footsteps and more.


Including 297 pristine ice sound effects from:


Ice Impacts and Debris

Ice Impacts and Debris is an explosive collection of shattering ice of all sizes. Highly detailed, professionally recorded sounds ranging from tiny icicles to large, heavy ice blocks... indeed a lot of ice has been harmed during these recordings.

Ice Under Pressure

A lake or river thaws, an ice flow on the move, an iceberg cracks and threatens, a brave soul walks on a frozen pond straining a dangerously thin sheet of ice, a thick block of glacier ice is about to burst…

Ice Footsteps

Recording the perfect, genuine ice footstep set is a finicky, detail-oriented undertaking requiring the right equipment. But under the right conditions, it can yield truly amazing results. The Ice Footsteps library includes variations of walk and run cycles over multiple ice surface types.


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What you get


297 Stereo Files

540 MB

Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata

WAV 96khz, 24bit


Complete files listing

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Use cases may include


  • Footsteps and foley;
  • Frozen ambience creaks and stress;
  • Impacts and collisions of all sizes;
  • Breaking glass;
  • Sweetener layers for more complex sounds;
  • crunchy music and drum samples

All of the included sounds were recorded in pristine 24 bits / 96 kHz and so support down-pitching effectively and believably. The recordings can also be used creatively as layers for rock breaking, structure creaking, glass shattering... there's basically no limit!



"The ice libraries are very impressive and super detailed. Good job!"   - Frederic Poirier,  Audio Director for Dead by Daylight



Embedded Metadata

Every sound file is embedded with descriptive metadata for added compatibility with Soundminer, Basehead or Soundly. If you do not own such a search engine, don't worry! The audio files have descriptive naming so you can easily search by native Mac or PC search tools. 




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