Ice Footsteps Sound Effects

Ice Footsteps Sound Effects

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Ice Footsteps Sound Effects Library

Recording the perfect, genuine ice footstep set is a finicky, detail-oriented undertaking requiring the right equipment.  But under the right conditions, it can yield truly amazing results - as we invite you to hear in the preview below. The Ice Footsteps sound effect library includes variations of walk and run cycles over multiple ice surface types:

  • Broken Ice
  • Solid Thick Ice
  • Crunchy Close-Mic'd Ice
  • Squeaky Dry Ice
  • Slightly Wet Ice
  • Thin Ice

Captured with professional, noise reducing sound recording equipment in various (sometimes bitterly cold!) temperatures over two years.

*You may want to check out the Ice Bundle as well which includes this library.


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Format WAV 96khz, 24bit 


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