Water Sound Effects Bundle

Water Sound Effects Bundle

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Files 417 Stereo
Size 10,2 Gb
Documentation Metadata spreadsheet, embedded metadata
Format WAV 96khz, 24 bit - a very small amount in 48khz, 16 bit
The ultimate water bundle including the libraries listed below:
Rain in Nature

A meticulously assembled all-encompassing sound library of Rain in Nature recorded in over 15 locations over the course of several years.

Water Foley

Here we've focused on water with an interactive human approach, and bring to you a vast collection of ever-useful Water Foley.

The content in this library makes it perfect for; pool and beach scenes, bathroom and kitchen sounds, drinking, bubbling, boiling...

Lake and Oceans

This deep water sound library offers highly detailed ocean and lake SFX recordings, with both close and far perspectives.

Waterfalls Creeks and Rapids

Recorded over a long range of years in remote northern regions of Canada, this small tour de force of waterfall recordings features raging waterfalls to river rapids to little babbling brooks.

Urban Rain

This highly detailed and ultra-combineable library will satisfy your rain and stormy weather needs for urban settings for years to come. The iconic sound of rain from inside a car, traffic in rain, rain in parks, downtown, on roofs, on pavement, drainage systems, and on metal and canvas awnings, and more.

Footsteps Deep Water

This soaking wet, high-detail sound library features recordings of a person wading and sloshing in water.  Included are walking through water at depths of inches, 1 foot, and 2 feet. Captured with zero background noise makes this a truly exceptional little collection of specific-need sounds. Perfect for beach scenes, fly-fishing, shallow river wading and more. Can be used for all body weights and sizes.

Waterfall sound effects library with creeks, rapids, streams and all forms of moving water sfx.

A Soaking wet bundle

Complete Water SFX Bundle with Rain in Nature and Urban locations, Water Foley, Waterfalls and Rapids, Lake and Oceans, Footsteps in Deep Water and more!


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Rain sound effects library royalty free. Rain recordings library includes ambisonic rain recordings and surround rain.